The New CommonwealthEdit

After the fall of the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel under Elder Maxson's leadership set out to establish order in the Commonwealth. The group warred with the Gunners, Railroad and various Raider and Super Mutant gangs before gaining enough of a foothold to formally establish itself in the region. A quick and shaky truce with the rag-tag group of militants known as the Minutemen officially established peace in the Commonwealth for the first time in over a hundred years. The Brotherhood appointed a native named Elias Blackstone as Sentinel of the Commonwealth, a sort of governor, with plans for the bulk of the military to return to the Capital Wasteland. However, an unexpected breakdown of the Prydwen's mobility systems forced the leadership to stay put in the Commonwealth pending a fix. In the vacuum left by Elder Maxson's absence, a coupe formed in the Capital and a new general declared himself the Elder of the Brotherhood in the Capital Wasteland.

Shortly after this, Elder Maxson succumbed to an assassination by rogue Railroad agents who had managed to survive the extermination of the Railroad. Captain Kells deferred much of the decisions from that point to the Sentinel. Having known pre-war knowledge, Elias had a particular advantage leading the Brotherhood. He abandoned the hope of returning to the Capital Wasteland. And In an effort to unify the Commonwealth, Elias reached out to the various leaders of cities and towns across the Commonwealth in an effort to establish some form of joint-government. The Sanctuary Conclave formed from representatives from Sanctuary, the Brotherhood (now informally operating as a settlement in and of itself from Boston Airport), Diamond City, Goodneighbor, Bunker Hill, the Slog, County Crossing, Egret Tours, and Sunshine Tidings. Representatives for the Minutemen were also present. The Conclave discussed creating a unified government to provide security and protect trade and investments. The larger members, of course, were more resistant to the idea; not having a direct need for protection due to having their own militias. A few were hesitant for fear of losing their sovereignty. And yet others outright resented working with Ghouls from the Slog and Goodneighbor.

Elias managed to strike a deal with the member states, in exchange for forming a centralized government the members would have drafting rights and voting rights within the new government and receive a large portion of gold from the Brotherhood's treasury divided equally among the member states in an effort to establish a singular currency. The timing of a terrorist attack on Diamond City orchestrated by the Children of Atom, along with the revelation that Diamond City's mayor was a synth might've had an effect on the ultimate decision as well. The Conclave concluded its vote with a 9-0 vote in favor of drafting a Constitution to establish a New Commonwealth Government.

Latest activityEdit

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